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Biological Approaches to Sustainable Soil Systems

1st Edition

By Norman Uphoff,Andrew S. Ball,Erick Fernandes,Hans Herren,Olivier Husson,Mark Laing,Cheryl Palm,Jules Pretty,Pedro Sanchez,Nteranya Sanginga,Janice Thies,Clive A. Edwards,Autar K. Mattoo,Robert Michael Boddey,Alice N. Pell,G. P. Robertson,Peter R. Hobbs,Paramu L. Mafongoya,Frank B. Dazzo,Mitiku Habte,Zeyaur Khan,Nico Labuschagne,Johannes Lehmann,Abdoulaye Mando,Brendon Neumann,Astrid Oberson,Alain Ratnadass,Volker Roemheld,Om Parkash Rupela,Sara Scherr,Gotz Schroth,Lucien Seguy,Richard J. Thomas,Benjamin L. Turner,Bernard Vanlauwe,David Wolfe,Rattan Lal,Erika Styger,Ana Primavesi,Elisee Ouedraogo,Allison L.H. Jack,Raj K. Gupta,Lijbert Brussaard,Idupulapati M. Rao,S.P. Wani,M.S. Swaminathan,Craig Meisner,Aref A. Abdul-Baki,Bruno J.R. Alves,Hameeda Bee,Suzette R. Bezuidenhout,Charles L. Bielders,Serge Bouzinac,Else K. Bunemann,Roland Bunch,Hanadi El-Dessougi,Felix Fernandez Martin,Emmanuel Frossard,Silas Garcia,A. Stuart Grandy,Julie M. Grossman,Ahmed Hassanali,Azeem Khalid,Ulrike Krauss,Long Li,Christopher Martius,Sudha Nair,Anthony Barry Pattison,Rogerio Perin,John Anthony Pickett,Joshua Ramisch,Marco Antonio Rondon,Gudeta Sileshi,Paul C. Smithson,P. Tamizoli,Ashraf M. Tubeileh,Segundo Urquiaga,Elisa Vieira Wandelli,Youssef G. Yanni,Zahir Ahmad Zahir,Fusuo Zhang,Robert Zougmore,Muhammad Arshad,Elias Kuntashula,C.L.L. Gowda,Bernardo Dibut Alvarez,Dougbedji Fatondji,Dennis Friesen,Deon Joubert,Michael Mortimore,Gail Papli,Robert Randriamiharisoa,Veronica M. Reis,Liu Xuejun,Ramon Rivera Espinosa,Joeli Barison,Stephane Boulakia,Diego de la Rosa,Rafael Martinez Viera,Roger Michellon,Gunter Neumann,S. Rengalakshmi,B. Selvamukilan,Michellon Roger

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