1st Edition

The Practical Well-Being Programme
Activities and Exercises

ISBN 9780863889714
Published April 3, 2013 by Routledge
164 Pages

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Book Description

This book is intended for all those interested in well being and a holistic approach whether it is in schools colleges, social settings, family support or business. The development of the programmes came out of work in Liverpool supporting families of children with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties.

This book introduces readers to the underlying principles and approaches associated with a holistic approach to well-being in educational and other social contexts. Originally a specialised 'within schools' programme of therapeutic support for pupils experiencing social, behavioural and /or emotional difficulties. Based on the concept of 'holism' in its fullest sense, it utilises both traditional and complementary approaches in support of the whole person - mind, emotions, body and spirit, in the context of their whole life, incorporating support for the individual, the family, school staff within the environment and where applicable, the wider community.

Each chapter consists of two main parts: information and background; activities that may be used by the teacher as well as in the classroom. The exercises at the end of each chapter are developmental in nature and divided into:

  • Reflective Journal - encourage reflective practises and the development of emotional and spiritual intelligence by recording feeling as well as thoughts and actions
  • wordsmith - to encourage the development of interest in words, playing with words and defining their terms, interpreting meaning and investigating their source, etc
  • Activities - Knowledge tree - using the internet to develop their own knowledge tree and allow imagination to develop; activities for the classroom - fun ideas that reflect the key points of each chapter
  • Things to do - ideas to develop outside the classroom, places to go, etc.

The book also includes Guided Visualisation- learning through the use of 'altered states' and relaxation exercises. These include a series of guided visualisations which include physical, emotional, intellectual and creative practices.


"There are many who aim to set out to do holistic work, but Penny Moon and A Quiet Place have actually achieved the connection and taken holistic principles into the mainstream of society in a way that is accessible to all. Their work in schools is just astounding as they reach the children most in need and make a real difference to their lives by understanding the various modalities they require - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Crucially, their results have been scientifically and academically evaluated and show consistent and significant improvements in the lives of children and also in adults. 'The Practical Well-being Programme' outlines the philosophies behind one of the most innovative and effective schemes in the U.K. and I recommend it is read widely by anybody interested in truly making a difference in health and wellbeing." — Dr Manjir Samanta, Laughton MBBS, Dip Bio-energy, author of Punk Science and The Genius Groove

"Penny is rightly highly regarded for her successes in a career working to help children with their personal development. At last she has put her experience into a book which is as excellent for a family helping it's children to become well-adjusted and happy people as it is for professionals searching for a clear, considered and practical reference." — Annie Bennett, ex-Headteacher, Knotty Ash School, Liverpool

'A unique and beautiful book for seekers, teachers, parents, counsellors and social workers alike. Penny has distilled her years of experience into a relaxed and friendly manual that approaches well-being on many levels. There are pictures, exercises, activities, YouTube links, relaxation techniques and prompts for personal reflection. This book can be used as an aid to personal development, as something you can do to help your own child with learning difficulties of a cognitive or psychological kind, for counselling practice with children and young people, to create a calmer and more learning-forward classroom and many other applications. Penny takes us through the elements that make up A Quiet Place and its work whilst constantly providing ways in which those elements can be used by the reader, whatever their circumstances. This is a jewel of a book that you will return to again and again both for its insights and for its gentle reassurance that you can create change with peace and ease.' — Sarah Lowes, Teacher & Psychotherapist, Liverpool

'This a lovely book. It's written with clarity and in a simple style that conveys a wealth of powerful and sophisticated information.  Penny clearly has a desire to help people and her caring nature is projected into every word.  I would recommend this book to anyone interested in helping themselves and others achieve a well-balanced life.' — Ivor Murray, Meditations UK

'Penny has been developing her quite amazing and effective techniques for many years and it is about time that she shared them with a much larger audience. This book increases the understanding of her unique approach to improving the lives of those around her and hence should develop and enhance the wellbeing many more people if they choose to follow the guidance in this book.' — Mike Wills, Financial Director of Olsen House School & Chair of Governors

'Any literature written by Penny Moon should not be missed. This gifted lady has an amazing, creative mind and her book is the result of many years of experience and Considered Thought.' — Leslie Kentfield, Psychotherapist & Wushu Federation

'The Practical Well-being Programme: Activities and Exercises’ serves not only to ‘introduce readers to the underlying principles and approaches associated with a holistic approach to well-being in educational and other social contexts,’ but also provides an accessible and pragmatic source of therapeutic support for personal development towards an increased level of self-awareness and self-healing. The book’s experiential and holistic approach, contained within a ‘light and breathing’ structure, also ensures that it is widely applicable to all ages and circumstances -- making it an extremely versatile and useful tool for teachers, parents, social workers and individuals wishing to better understand and manage stress in order to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.' — Mike Wright, CPEA Ltd 

'This book brings together such a vast array of ideas into a useable programme. It makes this book a must for any professional who wants to ensure that they are supporting children in a very refreshing and current way' — Tina Hesse, Federation of Holistic Therapists