1st Edition

The Craft of Teaching About Families
Strategies and Tools

ISBN 9780789032508
Published October 26, 2006 by Routledge
308 Pages

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Book Description

Learn how to develop and teach effective courses on the vital issues of family life

The Craft of Teaching About Families presents a variety of course designs, evaluation methods, and teaching techniques and strategies that can be used to address the complexities of family life. This unique book prepares students for the challenges they’ll face as they leave the campus for the classroom, providing them with the problem-solving skills they’ll need for success. The book’s contributors—a distinguished panel of family scientists, sociologists, public policy analysts, psychologists, and extension specialists—examine a range of topics, including family law and policy, advocacy, parenting skills, international families, and diversity.

One of the few books geared to teaching family studies, particularly family policy and family law, The Craft of Teaching About Families reaffirms the importance of teaching in a time when controversial family issues receive constant attention from the media, the courts, and the legislatures. In addition to articles on family policy, family law, marriage and the family, family interaction and dynamics, and cultural diversity, the book addresses empirical assessments of internships and service learning activities in family-oriented courses, the effectiveness of various teaching strategies, including role-playing, classroom simulations, and Web-based assignments.

Divided into three sections for ease of use, The Craft of Teaching About Families examines:

Family Law and Family Policy

  • how to build writing skills through the preparation of court briefs and policy memos
  • how to use cooperative learning research teams to teach family law
  • how to design better courses by understanding students’ perceptions of family policy issues
  • how cooperative extension can help involve families in the policymaking process

    Family Dynamics
  • how to develop a course in father-daughter relationships
  • how to incorporate parenting education workshops into a parent-child relationship course
  • how to prepare students to become competent multicultural educators
  • how to develop a course on international families from a family strengths perspective
  • how to develop a new framework for teaching family resources management

    Teaching Techniques in Family Science
  • how to incorporate effective role-playing into the syllabus
  • how to use small-group work to create a positive experience in the classroom
  • how to educate future teachers about psychological abuse
  • how to teach students about forgiveness toward those who have hurt them
  • how to analyze the results of service-learning assignments in family diversityThe Craft of Teaching About Families is an essential resource for professionals who teach about individuals and families at any level, in any setting—formal or informal.

  • Table of Contents

    • Editors’ Comments (Debra L. Berke and Steven K. Wisensale)
    • Writing Amicus Curiae and Policy Briefs: A Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Family Law and Policy (Preston A. Britner and Lily T. Alpert)
    • Family Law and Foster Care: Cooperative Research Teams (Tammy L. Henderson and Lenore McWey)
    • An Exploratory Examination of Students’ Family Policy Perceptions (Randy Leite and Ruben P. Viramontez Anguiano)
    • Teaching Family Policy: Advocacy Skills Education (Elaine A. Anderson, Bonnie Braun, and Susan K. Walker)
    • Involving Marginalized Families in Shaping Policies: Roles for Cooperative Extension (Kimberly Greder and Jeanne Warning)
    • Fathers and Daughters: A Needed Course in Family Studies (Linda Nielsen)
    • Service-Learning in Parenting Education: Insights from Students and Parent Participants (Rhonda A. Richardson, Audrey Kraynak, Maureen Blankemeyer, and Kathleen A. Walker)
    • Teaching About International Families Across the United States (Mihaela Robila and Alan C. Taylor)
    • International Families in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Family Strengths Approach (Nilufer P. Medora)
    • An Integrative Approach to Teaching Family Resource Management (Jeanne M. Hilton and Karen Kopera-Frye)
    • Creating Families: A Teaching Technique for Clinical Training Through Role-Playing (Scott Browning, Jeanne S. Collins, and Bryan Nelson)
    • Small-Group Learning and Hypothetical Families in a Large Introductory Course (Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox, Colleen Cain, and Justin Coran)
    • Psychological Abuse in Family Studies: A Psychoeducational and Preventive Approach (James M. O’Neil, Stephen A. Anderson, Preston A. Britner, Irene Q. Brown, Kathleen Holgerson, and Ronald P. Rohner)
    • Process Evaluation of Teaching Forgiveness in a Workshop and Classroom Setting (James M. O’Neil, Diane Davison, Matthew S. Mutchler, and Jennifer Trachtenberg)
    • The Impact of Service-Learning on Student Development: Students’ Reflections in a Family Diversity Course (Michelle L. Toews and Jennifer M. Cerny)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included

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