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Reconceptualising Arms Control
Controlling the Means of Violence

ISBN 9780415849265
Published May 21, 2013 by Routledge
275 Pages

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Book Description

The theory and practice of arms control seemed to have its heyday during the height of the Cold War, with its focus on the East-West conflict and nuclear arms. In the past twenty years, both arms technologies and various practices aimed at their control have continued to develop, but scholarly thinking has not kept up. This volume seeks to redress this scholarly neglect of the range of issues associated with the control of the means of violence, by asking the question: what does arms control mean in the 21st Century?

In asking this question, the volume examines issues surrounding sovereignty, geopolitics, nuclear disarmament, securitization of space, technological developments, human rights, the clearance of landmines, the regulation of small arms and the control of the black market for arms and nuclear secrets. The book discusses terrorism with reference to the case of the suicide attacks in Beirut in 1983 and how the Obama administration is orientating its posture on nuclear arms.

This book was published as a special issue of Contemporary Security Policy.

Table of Contents

1. Arms Control for the 21st Century: Controlling the Means of Violence Neil Cooper and David Mutimer  2. Leashing the Dogs of War: Arms Control from Sovereignty to Governmentality Keith Krause  3. Critical Geopolitics and the Control of Arms in the 21st Century Simon Dalby  4. From Arms Control to Denuclearization: Governmentality and the Abolitionist Desire David Mutimer  5. The Securitization of Outer Space: Challenges for Arms Control Columba Peoples  6. The Arms Control Challenges of Nanotechnology Jim Whitman  7. The Body and Controlling the Means of Violence: The Impact of the October 1983 Beirut Suicide Attacks on France’s Action directe Michael Dartnell  8. Humanitarian Arms Control and Processes of Securitization: Moving Weapons along the Security Continuum Neil Cooper  9. Dangerous Terrain: Re-Reading the Landmines Ban through the Social Worlds of the RMA J. Marshall Beier  10. Humanitarian Practices of Arms Control and Disarmament Ritu Mathur  11. Small Arms Control and the Reproduction of Imperial Relations Anna Stavrianakis  12. Controlling the Shadow Trade Mike Bourne  13. More Business as Usual? The Obama Administration and the Nuclear Posture Review Joanna Spear

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Neil Cooper is Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Security Studies in the Division of Peace Studies, at the University of Bradford.

David Mutimer is Deputy Director of the Centre for International and Security Studies and Associate Professor of Political Science at York University.