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Place Attachment
Advances in Theory, Methods and Applications

ISBN 9780415538213
Published August 9, 2013 by Routledge
218 Pages

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Book Description

Recipient of the 2014 EDRA Achievement Award.

Place attachments are emotional bonds that form between people and their physical surroundings. These connections are a powerful aspect of human life that inform our sense of identity, create meaning in our lives, facilitate community and influence action. Place attachments have bearing on such diverse issues as rootedness and belonging, placemaking and displacement, mobility and migration, intergroup conflict, civic engagement, social housing and urban redevelopment, natural resource management and global climate change.

In this multidisciplinary book, Manzo and Devine-Wright draw together the latest thinking by leading scholars from around the globe, capturing important advancements in three areas: theory, methods and application. In a wide range of conceptual and applied ways, the authors critically review and challenge contemporary knowledge, identify significant advances and point to areas for future research.

This volume offers the most current understandings about place attachment, a critical concept for the environmental social sciences and placemaking professions.

Table of Contents

Introduction Lynne C. Manzo and Patrick Devine Wright  Part 1: Theory  1. Place Attachment and Phenomenology: The Synergistic Dynamism of Place David Seamon  2. Comparing the Theories of Interpersonal and Place Attachment Leila Scannell and Robert Gifford  3. Place Attachment in an Age of Mobility Per Gustafson  4. In Search of Roots: Memory as Enabler of Place Attachment Maria Lewicka  5. Community Place Attachment and its Role in Social Capital Development Nikolay Mihaylov and Douglas D. Perkins  6. Place Attachment as Discursive Practice Andrés Di Masso, John Dixon, and Kevin Durrheim  Part 2: Methods  7. "Beyond the Commodity Metaphor" Revisited: Some Methodological Reflections on Place Attachment Research Daniel Williams  8. Articulating Transnational Attachments through on-site Narratives Clare Rishbeth  9. Photo Based Methods for Understanding Place Meanings as Foundations of Attachment Richard Stedman  10. Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Research on Place Attachment Bernardo Hernández, M. Carmen Hidalgo, and Cristina Ruiz  Part 3: Applications  11. "The Frayed Knot:" What Happens to Place Attachment in the Context of Serial Forced Displacement? Mindy Fullilove  12. Place Attachment, Community Identification and Pro-Environmental Engagement Giuseppe Carrus, Massimiliano Scopelliti, Ferdinando Fornara, Mirilia Bonnes, and Marino Bonaiuto  13. The Dynamics of Place Attachment in a Climate Changed World Patrick Devine-Wright  14. Exploring the Shadow Side: Place Attachment in the Context of Stigma, Displacement and social Housing Lynne C. Manzo  15. Do Not Detach! Instructions From and For Community Design Randolf T. Hester Jr.

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Lynne C. Manzo is an environmental psychologist and associate professor in the University of Washington’s College of Built Environments, Seattle, Washington, USA. She specializes in the study of place meaning, attachments, identity, the politics of place, and the experience of displacement in the context of public housing.

Patrick Devine-Wright holds a Chair in Human Geography at the University of Exeter, UK, and has researched the relevance of place attachments and place identities for understanding "NIMBY" (Not In My Back Yard) controversies over the siting of energy technologies.


"A book unique in exploring applications of place attachment theory and research to such topics as global climate change, mobility studies, public housing redevelopment, intergroup conflict, nature resource management, environmental criminology, pro-environmental behavior and civic engagement." EDRA Award Committee

An excellent overview of contemporary place attachment theory, method and applications. It provides some clear signposts for future place attachment enquiry and is relevant to academics and practitioners who are both new to or experienced with the place attachment literature. -  Christopher Raymond, Estudios de Psicología

Lynne Manzo and Patrick Devine-Wright have made an excellent work in assembling an international and interdisciplinary team of authors, who provide up-to-date knowledge of current state of research on theoretical, methodological, and applied issues related to one of the most fascinating and elusive concepts of environmental psychology. - - M. Vittoria Giuliani, ISTC-CNR, Italy

The essays provide researchers, practitioners, and policy makers material needed to understand and nurture the importance of place for individuals and communities. - Robert Mugerauer, University of Washington, USA