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Man in Adaptation
The Institutional Framework

ISBN 9780202010960
Published January 30, 1971 by Routledge
493 Pages

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Book Description

How do specific activities and institutions in which people are involved fit into the overall adaptive strategy of their society? What are the particular pressures leading to change in each of these spheres when the group's strategy of adaptation changes? What are the human demands made by a hunting-gathering strategy that lead to the development of particular family systems, modes of social control, religious beliefs and practices, values and ideologies, and personality structures? What are the new human demands that lead to the reorganization of these aspects of life as the group moves from one level of development to another?

Man in Adaptation: The Institutional Framework introduces the institutional, psychological, and ideological dimensions of the strategies of adaptation that have characterized human societies from the earliest known forms of social life to the present. Cohen includes topics that are of principal anthropological concern—notably marriage, law and social control, religion and magic, value systems, personality, and art.

There are no studies that deal with cultural change as such in this book. Where possible, Cohen includes articles that deal with changes in particular spheres of activity, such as family organization, law, religion, and value systems. He argues that change is not a special situation. Instead, culture is change and change is culture, and it is unrealistic to study change outside the specific social and technological organization of a given society. This volume unifies the subject matter of anthropology within a single and powerful explanatory framework and incorporates the work of the most renowned anthropological experts on man.

Table of Contents


The Naked Ape, John Updike

Adaptation and Evolution: An Introduction


I. Stability and Flexibility in Hadza Residential Groupings, James Woodburn

2. Land Use and the Extended Family in Moala, Fiji, Marshall D. Sahlins

3. Household Viability among the Pastoral Fulani, Derrick J. Stenning

4. The Individual and Family Relationships in Guatemala, Ruben E. Reina

5. Urban Families: Conjugal Roles and Social Networks, Elizabeth Bolt


6. The Importance of Flux in Two Hunting Societies, Colin M. Turnbull

7. The Dynamic Adaptation of Sebei Law, Walter Goldschmidt

8. Ifugao Law, Roy F. Barton

9. A Traditional Legal System: The Kuba, Jan Vansina

10. The Law of Ancient Babylonia, J. B. Bury, S. A. Cook, and F. E. Adcock

11. The Offer of a Free Home: A Case Study in the Family Law of the Poor, Herma H. Kay


12. Spirits, Power, and Man, James F. Downs

13. Hehe Magical Justice, Edgar V. Winans and Robert B. Edgerton

14. Pietas in Ancestor Worship, Meyer Fortes

15. Ritual Regulation of Environmental Relations among a New Guinea People, Roy A. Rappaport

16. Japanese Religion: A General View, Robert N. Bellah

17. Fiestas in an Indian Community in Peru, William P. Mangin

18. Religion and Status: America and England, Bryan Wilson


19. Eskimo Cultural Values, Norman A. Chance

20. The Cherokee Ethos, Fred Gearing

21. The Internalization of Political Values in Stateless Societies, Robert A. LeVine

22. Peasant Society and the I mage of Limited Good, George M. Foster

23. Agricultural Organization, Social Structure, and Values in Italy: Amoral Familism Reconsidered, Sydel F. Silverman

24. American Cultural Values, Conrad M. Arensberg and Arthur H. Niehoff

25. The City as an Anarchic System, Richard Sennett


26. Eskimo Values and Personality, Norman A. Chance

27. Instruction and Affect in Hopi Cultural Continuity, Dorothy Eggan

28. Personality Structure in the Plains, Thomas Gladwin

29. Character Formation and Social Structure in a Jamaican Community, Yehudi A. Cohen

30. Male and Female Adaptations in Culture Change, Louise and George Spindler

31. Social Change and Social Character: The Role of Parental Mediation, Alex fnkeles


32. Prehistoric Art and Ideology, Morton Lerine

33. Masks as Agents of Social Control, Roy Sieber

34. The Abelam Artist, Anthony Forge

35. The Revolution in Painting, Diego Rilwa

36. The Process of Disenchantment: Magical and Disenchanted Moral Logic, Rosalie H. Wax

37. Musical Adaptation among Afro-Americans, John F. Szwed


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