1st Edition

Ethics and AIDS in Africa
The Challenge to Our Thinking

ISBN 9781598740714
Published November 15, 2006 by Routledge
240 Pages

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Book Description

Africa poses daunting medical, social, and economic challenges, placing local, regional, national, and international communities at a moral crossroads. This book, the first to systematically examine the ethical implications of the AIDS pandemic for Africa, examines such pressing questions as: How do we deal with the uncertainties surrounding AIDS statistics? Is it really too costly to provide people highly active antiretroviral therapies in Africa? What is the relationship between AIDS and poverty? Is the political leadership in South Africa doing what is right and prudent to meet the challenge of AIDS? Is the developed world responding responsibly and justly to this crisis in the developing world? Is it moral for companies to make profits from AIDS drugs? Given the scope of the crisis, ought First World ethical standards for doing research on AIDS drugs and vaccines to apply unchanged to Africa? Ought we to include children in research for AIDS vaccines, and if so, how? Why do people persist in regarding AIDS as punishment for sin?

Table of Contents

LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS -- INTRODUCTION/Anton A. van Niekerk & Loretta M. Kopelman -- CHAPTER 1 -- AIDS in Africa: facts, figures and the extent of the problem/Alan Whiteside -- CHAPTER 2 -- Through a glass, darkly: data and uncertainty in the AIDS debate Alan Whiteside, Tony Barnett, Gavin George & Anton A. van Niekerk -- CHAPTER 3 -- Rolling out antiretroviral treatment in South Africa: economic and ethical challenges/Nicoli Nattrass -- CHAPTER 4 -- Moral and social complexities of AIDS in Africa/Anton A. van Niekerk -- CHAPTER 5 -- The HIV/AIDS pandemic: a sign of instability in a complex global system/Solomon R. Benatar -- CHAPTER 6 -- Principles of global distributive justice and the HIV/AIDS pandemic: moving beyond Rawls and Buchanan/Anton A. van Niekerk -- CHAPTER 7 -- Access to affordable medication in the developing world: social responsibility vs. profit/David B. Resnik -- CHAPTER 8 -- Affordable access to essential medication in developing countries: conflicts between ethical and economic imperatives/Udo Schüklenk & Richard E. Ashcroft -- CHAPTER 9 -- Mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS in Africa: ethical problems and perspectives/Anton A. van Niekerk -- CHAPTER 1 0 -- HIV vaccine trial participation in South Africa: an ethical assessment/Keymanthri Moodley -- CHAPTER 1 1 -- The HIV/AIDS pandemic, African traditional values and the search for a vaccine in Africa/Godfrey Tangwa -- CHAPTER 1 2 -- The dilemma of enrolling children in HIV vaccine research in South Africa: what is in 'the child's best interest'?/Melissa Stobie, Ann Strode & Cathy Slack -- CHAPTER 1 3 208 -- If HIV/AIDS is punishment, who is bad?/Loretta M. Kopelman -- IN D E X.

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Anton A. van Niekerk, Loretta M. Kopelman