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Dyke Swarms - Time Markers of Crustal Evolution
Selected Papers of the Fifth International Dyke Conference in Finland, Rovaniemi, Finland, 31 July- 3 Aug 2005 & Fourth International Dyke Conference, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa 26-29 June 2001

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Published December 2, 2006 by CRC Press
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Dyke swarms are remnants of large igneous provinces, and are pointers of continental break-up events, as well as indicators for ancient continental reconstructions. These global geodynamic aspects are of crucial significance in tectonics, and with recent developments in high-precision age, dating it has become possible to enter these short-lived magmatic events into a global data base. Every five years, scientists have met to consider new results and potential directions relating to the study of igneous dykes. At the Fifth International Dyke Conference, held in Rovaniemi, Finland in August 2005, igneous dykes, with particular attention to mafic dykes and dyke swarms, came under scrutiny. The properties of dykes, from Archean to Miocene, were explored in terms of mineralogy, geochemistry, isotopes, geochronology and paleomagnetics.  This is a selection of twelve papers presented in Rovaniemi, together with updates of six papers from the South African meeting in 2001. For those who wish to have a summary of the current international status of igneous dykes, and their significance in interpreting geological and tectonic processes, this book is invaluable.

Table of Contents

IDC5 papers

Short-lived mantle generated magmatic events and their dyke swarms: The key unlocking Earth's palaeogeographic record back to 2.6 Ga
W. Bleeker & R. Ernst

Giant dyke swarms and the reconstruction of the Canadian Arctic islands, Greenland, Svalbard and Franz Josef Land
K.L. Buchan & R. Ernst

AMS criteria for determining the azimuth and dip of a subduction zone from a mafic dyke swarm
J.-P. Lefort, T. Aïfa & F. Hervé

Palaeo- and Mesoproterozoic dyke swarms in the Lake Ladoga area, NW Russia – palaeomagnetic studies
S. Mertanen, O. Eklund, A. Shebanov, D. Frank-Kamenetsky & T. Vasilieva

U-Pb baddeleyite ages of Meso- and Neoproterozoic dykes and sills in central Fennoscandia: A review
U. Söderlund

The Kopparnäs dyke swarm in Inkoo, southern Finland: New evidence for Jotnian magmatism in the SE Fennoscandian Shield
A.V. Luttinen & P.J. Kosunen

1.80–1.75 Ga mafic dyke swarms in the central North China craton: Implications for a plume-related break-up event
P. Peng, M.-G. Zhai & J.-H. Guo

Mesoproterozoic mantle heterogeneity in the SW Amazonian Craton: 40Ar/39Ar and Nd-Sr isotopic evidence from mafic-felsic rocks
W. Teixeira, J.S. Bettencourt, V.A.V. Girardi, A. Onoe, K. Sato & G.J. Rizzotto

Mesozoic alkali basalts and felsic rocks in eastern Victoria, Australia
A. Soesoo

Precambrian mafic dyke swarms from the central Indian Bastar craton: Temporal evolution of the subcontinental mantle
R.K. Srivastava

Development of dyke and sheet swarms controlled by magma supply rate - an example from the Miocene Otoge igneous complex, central Japan
N. Geshi

Diabase intrusives of the Schmidt Hills, Pensacola Mountians, East Antarctica: Their petrology, petrogenesis and frequency distribution of plagioclase twin laws
W.W. Boyd

IDC4 papers

Sills of the Theron Mountains, Antarctica: Evidence for long distance transport of mafic magmas during Gondwana break-up
P.T. Leat, A.V. Luttinen, B.C. Storey & I.L. Millar

Geochemical correlations between Jurassic gabbros and basaltic rocks in Vestfjella, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
A.V. Luttinen & S.K. Vuori

The Geology of a Mafic Dyke at Roerkulten, Sverdrupfjella, western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
G.H. Grantham, R.A. Armstrong & A.B. Moyes

Structural and AMS study of a Miocene dyke swarm located above the Patagonian subduction
J.-P. Lefort, T. Aïfa & F. Hervé

Palaeomagnetism of Palaeoproterozoic dolerite dykes in central Finland
S. Mertanen, P. Hölttä, L.J. Pesonen & J. Paavola

Spatial distribution and emplacement features of Permo-Carboniferous dykes at the southwestern margin of the Fennoscandian Shield
K. Obst & G. Katzung

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