Developing Literacy in Second-Language Learners : Report of the National Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth book cover
1st Edition

Developing Literacy in Second-Language Learners
Report of the National Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth

ISBN 9780805860771
Published July 5, 2006 by Routledge
688 Pages

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Book Description

This volume reports the findings of the National Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth. The formal charge to the panel—a distinguished group of expert researchers in reading, language, bilingualism, research methods, and education—was to identify, assess, and synthesize research on the education of language-minority children and youth with respect to their attainment of literacy. Funding for the project was provided to the Center for Applied Linguistics and SRI International by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences and the Office of English Language Acquisition, with additional funding from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development provided through the U.S. Department of Education.
The authors review the state of knowledge on the development of literacy in language-minority children and youth, organized around five specific themes:
*Development of Literacy in Second-Language Learners;
*Cross-linguistic Relationships in Second-Language Learners;
*Sociocultural Contexts and Literacy Development
*Educating Language-Minority Students: Instruction and Professional Development; and
*Student Assessment
Each part begins with a synthesis chapter that spells out the research questions for the chapters in that part, provides background information, describes the methodology used, summarizes the empirical findings reported, addresses methodological issues, and makes recommendations for future research. The following chapters provide more detail on the individual studies reviewed for specific research questions. The volume includes two opening chapters, “Introduction and Methodology” and “Demographic Overview”; a closing chapter that summarizes the report, identifies cross-cutting themes, and makes recommendations for future research; and a CD-ROM providing a searchable database of research references.
The audiences for this volume include researchers interested in the development of literacy in language-minority children and youth as well as those studying literacy more generally, and those concerned with improving the education of this population of students.

Table of Contents

Contents: P. McCardle, Foreword. Preface. Introduction to the Volume. D. August, T. Shanahan, Introduction and Methodology. D. August, Demographic Overview. Part I: Development of Literacy in Second-Language Learners. N. Lesaux, E. Geva, Synthesis: Development of Literacy in Language-Minority Students. N. Lesaux, with K. Koda, L.S. Siegel, T. Shanahan, Development of Literacy. E. Geva, Second-Language Oral Proficiency and Second-Language Literacy. Part I References. Part II: Cross-Linguistic Relationships in Second-Language Learners. F. Genesee, E. Geva, C. Dressler, M.L. Kamil, Synthesis: Cross-Linguistic Relationships. F. Genesee, E. Geva, Cross-Linguistic Relationships in Working Memory, Phonological Processes, and Oral Language. E. Geva, F. Genesee, First-Language Oral Proficiency and Second-Language Literacy. C. Dressler, with M.L. Kamil, First-and Second-Language Literacy. Part II References. Part III: Sociocultural Contexts and Literacy Development. C. Goldenberg, R.S. Rueda, D. August, Synthesis: Sociocultural Contexts and Literacy Development. C. Goldenberg, R.S. Rueda, D. August, Social and Cultural Influences on the Literacy Attainment of Language-Minority Children and Youth. R.S. Rueda, D. August, C. Goldenberg, The Social and Cultural Context in Which Children Acquire Literacy. Part III References. Part IV: Educating Language-Minority Students: Instructional Approaches and Professional Development. D. August, T. Shanahan, Synthesis: Instruction and Professional Development. D.J. Francis, N. Lesaux, D. August, Language of Instruction. T. Shanahan, I.L. Beck, Effective Literacy Teaching for English-Language Learners. D. August, with F. Erickson, Qualitative Studies of Classroom and School Practices. D. August, with L.S. Siegel, Literacy Instruction for Language-Minority Children in Special Education Settings. D. August, M. Calderón, Teacher Beliefs and Professional Development. Part IV References. Part V: Student Assessment. G.E. García, G. McKoon, D. August, Synthesis: Language and Literacy Assessment. G.E. García, G. McKoon, Language and Literacy Assessment of Language-Minority Students. Part V References. Part VI: Cross-Cutting Themes and Future Research Directions. C. Snow, Cross-Cutting Themes and Future Research Directions. Biographical Sketches.

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"This volume is a veritable sequel to August and Hakuta’s Improving Schooling for Language Minority Children. For people in the field like me, this volume is a must read book."

Eugene Garcia
Arizona State University

"This major federally-funded research synthesis is a comprehensive identification of the important issues in the effective teaching of language minority students.  The massive effort sheds light on many key questions.  More importantly, through its systematic inquiry, it exposes a large number of important questions that are unaddressed and require  research investments.  As such, the book is a blueprint for a long-term research agenda."

Kenji Hakuta
Founding Dean; University of California, Merced

“While there are many reasons that it is important, ultimately the value of this report is that it will contribute to an ongoing, national effort…to more fully understand and address the educational needs of language-minority children in an informed, evidence-based, intelligent, and compassionate manner. Our nation is now aware of its own changing demographics. This report, and the products it encourages and contributes to, should help us move beyond awareness to additional action.”

Peggy McCardle
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

"This peerless panel conducted an unprecedented and thorough review of the extant research on the development of literacy in second-language learners."

John Guthrie
University of Maryland

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